Erectile Dysfunction and the Associated Illnesses

Nizagara Erektil Dysfunktion Erectile dysfunction or ED refers to the category of violations, mainly against the backdrop of developing associated illnesses. It is noteworthy that the ailment can be based on a psychosomatic nature, which develops as a reason of psychological influence on physiological processes.

First of all, it is worth noting some metabolic disorders, illnesses of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems are often a breeding ground for ED:

  • Atherosclerosis is prone to the progress of the pathological process caused by impaired metabolism of lipoproteins and manifested by local inflammatory response, endothelial dysfunction, the formation of cholesterol plaques, causing blockage of blood vessels, hyalinosis, hardening, calcification of blood vessels, for a total negative impact on the flexibleness of blood vessels, the possibility of stenosis and other atherothrombotic process;

  • Hypertension is a malfunction of the cardiovascular system, manifested by enhanced arterial blood pressure;

  • Hypogonadism is an androgen deficiency, which is the reason of recreased testicular function or effect of the reduced function of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis; a state of correlative resulting primary pathology of the endocrine glands and involved in the exchange of androgens;

  • Lipid metabolism is a disturbance of fat metabolism, which turns out in the enhanced blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides;

  • Obesity is a dysregulation of body weight at which there appears the excess weight and consequently there is a significant increase in body weight;

  • Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, which is a consequence of absolute or relative deficiency of the hormone insulin, when the amounts of glucose are too great.

  • The risk of erectile dysfunction increases the diseases of the genitourinary system, the groin injury endured surgery. Inflammatory and infectious illnesses, leading to a breach of the constituents of semen, as well as to their accumulation in the urethra during intercourse, sometimes are creating conditions for the ailment’s occurrence too. Here one can name such urological diseases as Peyronie's disease, prostatitis, a history of priapism, urinary disorders.

    Neurogenic and psychiatric disorders, nerve damage in the pelvic area (such as iatrogenic nature), spinal cord form the basis for erectile dysfunction of neurogenic nature.