The Invention of Sildenafil

Sildenafil 3D molecula Many facts in history show that some of the scientific inventions that had turned and sufficiently changed our world were a simple accident. So in the history of physics, there are many interesting facts that confirm this. For example, Archimedes successfully took a bath, while revealing his famous law, without which it is now impossible to structure a single marine vessel. Mendeleev also had the opportunity to notice the opportunity that "some" dreams can help to make discoveries, which is still the crowning glory of his name. But as they say: "Accidents are not accidental." The preparation "Viagra" or Sildenafil, as this is the main constituent of the preparation was discovered occasionally too.

The history of this preparation began in 1992 in the UK, during pharmacological research of the company "Pfizer". The scientists made researches a new medication – Sildenafil, which was created as a cure to cure a various heart illnesses. The scientists thought that this ingredient would enhance the blood stream to the heart and decrease blood pressure. But the new preparation did not enhance the blood stream and did not lower blood pressure. But the interesting effects manifested in male examinees who took part in the researches. They all did not want to give back the tablets. The reason to this was that these tablets sufficiently bettered erection. Though there was low effect in the basic research, there appeared invaluable "adverse effect" to which men of the entire world are grateful. The researchers acted to this sudden advantage with due diligence and were capable to see in this “occasion” a strong mean to overcome troubles with erection. That is how it was created.

Pfizer sildenafil Since 1993, the researchers started long test to prove the properties of the new “miracle” and make it ready for purchase. The results were quite positive.

In 1998 the new preparation began its victorious offensive march around the world and very quickly actually blew up the planet. While the first week, when this preparation appeared on sale, there were issued 247,666 prescriptions. The next one the amounts of purchases were enhanced over 500,000 prescriptions! All in all, during the entire year, the preparation’s inventers had success to sell $ 1 billion.

The effectuality of the preparation was actually great and since those times it holds the first place in purchase of the medications against erectile dysfunctions.